What makes me happy?

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

Happiness is a direction, not a place. Sydney J. Harris

I have been a firm follower of these two above quotes.

What is happiness

I sincerely believe that we, as a grown-up make things complicated for ourselves and people around us.

We also assume happiness is a destination, and we never realize it is a journey.

We often forget or ignore to live in the present and deject for the past or speculate about the future.

This kind of behavior ruins our present happiness.

I always try to be in a peaceful state of mind, which is very necessary for me. Because I believe a calm mind is quite important to be happy.

I do not need anything fancy to be happy. And I am exceedingly grateful to God for keeping me like this.

I am happy when I get a chance to do something for others which, makes them happy.

I am happy when I see my niece and nephew playing.

I feel happy when I see my parents happy.

Art makes me happy.

Being with friends makes me happy.

Cooking and baking cakes make me happy. It feels I am in a different world when I am cooking, or baking and life is worth living.

I believe we get countless moments in life to be happy, and it depends upon our mindset if we are happy or not?

By now, I can not say reading makes me happy, but I wish soon I achieve this happiness.

PS: We should understand happiness lies in us, and it is our responsibility to feel it.




I am an aspiring content writing.

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Anamika Shaw

Anamika Shaw

I am an aspiring content writing.

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